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Made from all-natural vegetable oils, my handmade soap is a treat for your skin. Most of my soaps are created from the basic combination of olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil. Many of them also contain a variety of other oils and butters. Each of these oils and butters has a quality that it brings to the soap. Some oils create a wonderful lather, while others produce a hard, long-lasting bar.  The colors in the soap come from powdered herbs, flowers and spices.  I use no synthetic or artificial colorants.  Many of the soaps have chopped flowers or herbs in them which add visual interest but also work for mid exfoliation.  All of my soaps can be used on your body or your face; however, if you are having problems with your face, you may want to begin with a few recommendations. 

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Our Mostly Used Ingredients

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Rice Barn Oil




Bee Wax




Soy Wax


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