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Homemade soaps to our family and then to the entire Australia is what we started Lavender Bubbles and later we added candles and fragrances to make lives better using herbal ingredients and calming fragrances. 

100% Homemade

Our products are handcrafted and tested with care, then hand mixed and hand poured, inspired and connected to nature.

Natural ingredients

Choosing natural isn’t a trend for us, it’s a way of life. Every product we make it toxin-free and 100% natural.

Unique Purpose

Instead of focusing on how we want the end product to look, we pick our ingredients based on how we want them to smell.

Our Products

We deliver variety of products, everything homemade just for you. Our products are well known for the natural ingredients and the fragrances we use. Trying our products surely is the onyly decision to make. 

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Made with 100% natural and healthy ingredients with high quality.

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